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 Microsoft MVP for 12th consecutive year

On JaMVP_FullColor_ForScreennuary 1, 2015, I was recognized with the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for the 12th consecutive year. My MVP expertise is for the Windows Server for Small and Medium Businesses.

KW Support & Consulting, LLC has been providing consulting and technical expertise to small businesses and individuals throughout the Tampa Bay area since 1999. Let us be your small business technology partner for your company.

CryptoLocker Update

We are pleased to make available a CryptoLocker Prevention Utility specifically for home users. This utility is also applicable to business computers that are not joined to a domain.

CryptoLocker Prevention Utility Download and Instructions

We first alerted you to the CryptoLocker ransomware (link) on October 2nd. On October 22nd, we posted information about a CryptoLocker Prevention Kit (link) for those sites with domain-joined workstations, where security settings could be pushed out via group-policy from your server. We followed up with a post on adding exceptions to those group policies (link).

For home users, we’ve taken the same security settings and bundled them into a self executing program. Download and run the program, click on a few prompts, and you are done. We do recommend that you reboot your workstation at the completion of installing this tool.

Kudos to Nick at for the home version of this utility, and to Amy and the Third Tier SMBKitchen team for putting together the Group Policy version.

Business Customers:

We can assist with implementing a small business server solution, backup solutions (onsite and/or remote), network security and firewall protection, and various third-party application solutions. We have assisted many companies with migrating/upgrading to newer editions of the Microsoft Small Business/Essentials server. For many small businesses, we literallt become their I.T. department, monitoring systems on a daily basis, providing end user support, testing backups, and applying security and application updates as needed.

Residential customers:

Do you have computers that are running slow, or infected with spam and viruses? Do you have multiple computers and printers in your house? Are you concerned with the web sites that your children or grandchildren may access? We can offer solutions for all of these situations.