Force reset of Nokia 920 Windows Phone 8

I purchased my new Nokia 920 on Friday November 9, 2012. On Wednesday Nov 21st, my phone is locked up and I cannot use it. All that appears on the screen is the “Nokia” logo. I rechecked my charger cord, and tried different cables and outlets.

On my Samsung Galaxy II tablet, I had encountered a similar issue, and discovered that I needed to hold the power button in for 13-15 seconds. So, I tried that with my Nokia phone. But holding it in for more than 30 seconds did not fix the issue.

So off I went to the AT&T store where I purchased the phone. The sales rep was surprisingly quick with the solution, which worked. He held in both the Volume key (5) and the Power/Lock key (6) simultaneously, for a full minute. This does a soft reset of the phone.



  1. Unfortunately this didn’t work on my Lumia 920. I tried the Power+Camera and just Power keys, and for > 75 seconds, no reboot. Just stuck on the “NOKIA” startup screen.

  2. Sorry to hear that. The guy at the AT&T store did it for me. Maybe his fingers have some magical power. Did you try all three buttons (Vol+Power+Camera) or just Vol+Power?

  3. My Nokia 822 locked up too. I did the usual Microsoft fix, reboot by removing the battery for 30 secs. Works every time!

  4. My fellow MVP’er, Cris, posted the same solution was provided to him for the Verizon version of the phone:

    If your phone should appear to die as mine did today….hold BOTH volume buttons and power button for 30-45 seconds until you feel the vibration…according to Verizon store rep it’s the same as pulling the battery, which you can’t

  5. Thank you Kevin. You are a life saver. My Lumia 920 was stuck loading an app. I didn’t know about hitting both volume buttons.

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