Force reset of Nokia 920 Windows Phone 8

I purchased my new Nokia 920 on Friday November 9, 2012. On Wednesday Nov 21st, my phone is locked up and I cannot use it. All that appears on the screen is the “Nokia” logo. I rechecked my charger cord, and tried different cables and outlets.

On my Samsung Galaxy II tablet, I had encountered a similar issue, and discovered that I needed to hold the power button in for 13-15 seconds. So, I tried that with my Nokia phone. But holding it in for more than 30 seconds did not fix the issue.

So off I went to the AT&T store where I purchased the phone. The sales rep was surprisingly quick with the solution, which worked. He held in both the Volume key (5) and the Power/Lock key (6) simultaneously, for a full minute. This does a soft reset of the phone.



  1. Unfortunately this didn’t work on my Lumia 920. I tried the Power+Camera and just Power keys, and for > 75 seconds, no reboot. Just stuck on the “NOKIA” startup screen.

  2. Sorry to hear that. The guy at the AT&T store did it for me. Maybe his fingers have some magical power. Did you try all three buttons (Vol+Power+Camera) or just Vol+Power?

  3. My Nokia 822 locked up too. I did the usual Microsoft fix, reboot by removing the battery for 30 secs. Works every time!

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