Be careful with KB2862330

Several new Windows updates were recently released. The word from a trusted security MVP is to be careful, especially with KB2862330 which has caused some BSOD’s on some systems (Read more on this issue).

Once again, I always encourage people to make sure that they create a system restore point before installing updates, or better yet, do regular full backups of your computer.

If you do encounter a BSOD with any Microsoft update, call Microsoft:

“We can offer anyone who has this issue and is willing to go through troubleshooting a free-of-charge support incident and Support will work with you 1-1 to get your computer(s) back into a working state. The teams who released this update do know that there may be a problem and are doing additional testing to identify the root cause of the issue that folks are experiencing,” (Ben Herila, Microsoft product manager).


  1. Thank for this warning.

    But my next computer will not be runnin Windows any more

    I have a problem installing any recent update with Microsoft Update (Windows XP Pro sp3)
    Analysis of required updates and the downloads were very slow but I managed to find the cause.
    Now analysis and downloads are back at normal speed, but installations are never achieved (Fail on all downloaded updates)

    Manual downloads and installations for KB2879017 and KB 2847311 were ok.

    But when I wanted to continue manual updates I came across this article (among many others) which is making clear what people cannot ignore anymore : Microsoft has become rubish. This kind of situation makes them totally ridiculous.

    It makes the living for thousands of developers and other people but make millions of wasted hours on trying to make the damn think work a little.

    But enough is enough don’t you think ?

    Best regards
    Georges Vanhove

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