Sorry, Something Went Wrong with Yammer Invite

I was setting up a private Yammer group (external network) recently. The first three people I sent invites to were able to register and sign in with no problem. So with that success in hand, I went ahead and sent invites to the other 16 people.


Wouldn’t you know? 3 of the next 4 people who tried to use the invite button from the email they received, told me that they were not able to register. They said that they were getting an error message: “Sorry, something went wrong and we couldn’t update your information. Please try again.”


Of the three with this problems, two have AOL email addresses, and the third a GMail address. Sure enough, when I tried to register using my AOL or GMail address, I encountered the same error.

I then searched the Yammer Community Forum ( and found a post where several other people have been reporting this same issue since Dec 22, 2015. Yammer Support responded to me last night and said that this is a known issue and that they are currently working on a fix.


That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there is a workaround!

I asked those users that had encountered the error to pull up the invite email on their smart phone, and click on the invite link from their phone. Success! They were able to complete the Yammer initial sign-in process.

I will post a follow-up when I hear that this issue has been fixed.

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