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Re-Awarded MVP Status for 2015

 On JaMVP_FullColor_ForScreennuary 1, 2016, I was recognized with the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for my 13th consecutive year. My MVP expertise for all 13 years has been focused on the Microsoft Small & Medium Business Server / Essentials Server platform. As of last year, our group is now part of the larger Microsoft's Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP team.

KW Support & Consulting, LLC has been providing consulting and technical expertise to small businesses and individuals throughout the Tampa Bay area since 1999. Let us be your small business technology partner for your company.

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 was released at the end of July, 2015 (see my Les Miz win 10 parody). Every day I am asked whether they should upgrade to Windows 10. My simple answer is: Maybe Yes, Maybe No.

image.pngTwo questions you must ask yourself first: (1) is my current hardware, especially your video card, compatible with Windows 10? and (2) Are all of my critical software programs compatible with Windows 10?

Three additional questions you must address if you are thinking of doing an in-place upgrade to Windows 10: (1) Do I have a valid, full backup of my computer before I start? (2) Can I afford to be down for an extended period if anything goes wrong? and (3) Am I prepared to reload my computer from a backup in case of a failure?

Although the upgrade process normally works fine, many have reported that their computers no longer work after a failed upgrade. So it is vital that you have a full backup and the time required to complete this process, and resolve any issues.

Business Customers

We are the I.T. department for many of our customers, monitoring systems on a daily basis, providing end user support, testing backups, and applying security and application updates as needed.

We can assist with implementing a small business server solution, backup solutions (onsite and/or remote), network security and firewall protection, and various third-party application solutions.

We have helped many companies over the years to migrate or upgrade to newer editions of the Microsoft family of servers (Essentials/Standard/Enterprise) as well as Hyper-V (virtualization) servers to reduce the number of physical servers you must maintain.

Residential Customers

Do you have computers that are running slow, or infected with spam and viruses?
We can usually clean up your system and make it run better within an hour. And we can do it all remotely, if you wish.

Are you concerned with the web sites that your children or grandchildren may access? Or do you want to protect yourself from websites that may contain viruses or malware? Do you need help connecting multiple computers and printers, or implementing a wireless solution?
We can offer solutions and assistance in all of these situations, and more!

CryptoLocker Update

Cryptolocker, and its variants continue to wreak havoc for businesses and individuals here in 2015. We are pleased to make available a CryptoLocker Prevention Utility specifically for home users. This utility is also applicable to business computers that are not joined to a domain.

CryptoLocker Prevention Utility Download and Instructions

We first alerted you to the CryptoLocker ransomware (link) on October 2, 2013, and on October 22nd of that year we posted information about a CryptoLocker Prevention Kit (link) for those sites with domain-joined workstations, where security settings could be pushed out via group-policy from your server. We followed up with a post on adding exceptions to those group policies (link).

For home users, we've taken the same security settings and bundled them into a self executing program. Download and run the program, click on a few prompts, and you are done. We do recommend that you reboot your workstation at the completion of installing this tool.

Kudos to Nick at for the home version of this utility, and to Amy and the Third Tier SMBKitchen team for putting together the Group Policy version.