Creating a Shared Email Alias in Office 365

Most businesses, large or small, use alias emails, such at or If some cases, the alias is only managed by a single person (e.g.

But what if you want to assign the alias email address to a group of users, that is, a distribution group?

The simple answer is ‘Yes, it can be done’. However, there is no wizard to do this from the Office 365 Admin portal page. So, you will be required to define the shared mailbox using PowerShell commands.

There are three basic steps required:

  1. Create a distribution group, and assign users
  2. Create a shared mailbox using PowerShell commands
  3. Have each user add the shared mailbox to their Outlook 2010/OWA app

Rather than describing each of these steps, Microsoft provides a very clear, step by step, set of instructional videos for each of these steps:

Create a public email alias in Office 365

E-mail messages

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