SBS 2008 Issues with Latest Updates

There have been several reports about recent updates taking an extremely long time (4-6 hours) to completely install on SBS 2008 servers. For example, some report that after rebooting the server and it starts to apply updates, it may sit at 0% for more than an hour.

The reaction is to think that something is wrong and to force a reboot.

These issues are being investigated, but the best advice is that if you have already started updating your server, just let it run and do not force a reboot. And expect that it may be down for several hours.

If you have not yet started applying updates, my typical procedure is as follows:

Reboot the server BEFORE installing any updates

Install updates in groups – all security patches first, then .Net patches, then each rollup or service pack individually

After the updates have been applied, some things may still not work, such as some services not starting or Companyweb not available. In these cases, first try rebooting the server again, and checking things out. for companyweb, please remember that you generally need to manually run the psconfig command after installing SharePoint updates.

finally, it is always advisable to make sure you have a full, validated backup of your server before installing any patches, rollups or service packs,

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