Updating DNS Root Hints on SBS 2011

By default, on an SBS 2008/2011 server, DNS is configured to use Root Hints for Internet resolution. I have previously posted about potential issues with resolving domain names on an SBS server.

If you are using Root Hints, it may be necessary to update your root hints from time to time, as my good MVP friend, Mick, recently reminded me. And it’s fairly simple to do:

First, you need to access a list of known root servers and note the IP address of one of them. I’m going to use


From your SBS server, open up DNS –> right click on your Server –> click Properties —> then click on the Root Hints tab to see the current list of root DNS servers.


Go ahead and click the Delete button to delete ALL the listed root hints.

image   image

Then click on the “Copy from Server” button and enter the IP address you selected, and click OK.


The list of Root Hints will be populated. Click OK and then restart DNS Services!

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