Known issue with KB 2859537

Microsoft released several security updates for Windows last week, including KB 2859537. Well, it turns out that for some people, this specific update may cause  programs to not start, or worse, a BSOD (blue screen of death).

So far this only affects a small handful of people – including some gaming programs that modify the Windows kernel, some computers with existing root kits, and even users running Avast A/V. By the way, I understand Avast has already pushed out an update fix for their software.


The problem is that we get suckered into complacency: updates come, updates are applied, we keep working. And suddenly we forget little things like creating a restore point, or making a backup before proceeding, or doing a check for the existence of root kits.

To check your computer for existing root kits and remove them, download and run Kaspersky Lab’s free TDSSKiller.

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