Be careful with KB2862330

Several new Windows updates were recently released. The word from a trusted security MVP is to be careful, especially with KB2862330 which has caused some BSOD’s on some systems (Read more on this issue).

Once again, I always encourage people to make sure that they create a system restore point before installing updates, or better yet, do regular full backups of your computer.

If you do encounter a BSOD with any Microsoft update, call Microsoft:

“We can offer anyone who has this issue and is willing to go through troubleshooting a free-of-charge support incident and Support will work with you 1-1 to get your computer(s) back into a working state. The teams who released this update do know that there may be a problem and are doing additional testing to identify the root cause of the issue that folks are experiencing,” (Ben Herila, Microsoft product manager).

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