Configure Ricoh Aficio MFP to Office 365 for Scan To Email

I recently migrated a customer from SBS 2008/Exchange 2007 to Office 365 with AppRiver and BitTitan’s MigrationWiz tool.

Migration went like a charm … that is, until one of the employees tried to “scan to email” a document from their Ricoh Aficio MP C2500.

A quick search of forums suggested that a lot of people had been down this road before, and with a myriad of possible ways to configure or fix it. Quite often, the suggestion was to use a 3rd party SMTP  service.

I submitted a ticket to AppRiver’s support at 11:57am this morning and received a phone call from their tech support within 15 minutes. A quick remote connect session, and we had everything working within minutes.

Here are my notes for future reference:

First, the solution we followed

Second, gather the following information

  • Your public IP address to your office. You can use if you don’t know it)
  • Your Office 365 MX record. It should look something like this:

Next, setup the Exchange connector within Office 365

  • Login to your O365 Admin Center portal (
  • Click Exchange –> Mail Flow –> Connectors
    • Create a new connector with this information
    • Enter a name for your connector, such as “Ricoh Copier On Prem”
    • From: select Your Organization’s Email Server
    • To: select Office 365
    • Description: enter something like this: This is the connector that will allow traffic from the SMTP services for Ricoh
    • Enable the option Retain Internal Exchange Email Headers
    • IP Address: enter your public IP address

Next, let’s go to the Ricoh web portal to finish things up:

  • Go to your Ricoh’s web portal (local IP address, such as
  • Click to login as the administrator.
    If you don’t know the login/password, here’s a web site that may help you:
  • Click Configuration => E-mail (under Device Settings)
  • Enter the following information as appropriate:
    • Your Admin O365 email address
    • Protocol: SMTP
    • SMTP Server Name: your O365 MX name you looked up previously
      (such as
    • Port: 25
    • SMTP Authentication: OFF
    • SMTP Authentication Email/Username/Password: your O365 Admin email address
    • SMTP Authentication Encryption: DISABLE

That’s all we did. Hope it works for you!


  1. Ben, yes, my post indicates that we created an SMTP mail flow connector from the Office 365 portal side, and then configured the SMTP email settings from the Ricoh printer portal.

  2. I get confused here:

    SMTP Authentication Email/Username/Password: your O365 Admin email address

    you mean the email address that was made when it was setup originally? or any email address within the domain that has admin privileges?

  3. Note this will send your email over the internet unencrypted. This is dangerous if your users scan documents with SSN, etc.

  4. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I will be saving this article for future reference. I pretty much had everything besides I wasn’t sure where to get the O365 SMTP server name.

  5. While it looked promising, it did not work for me…..
    I already spent a day on this…Could I have a firewall configuration issue?
    Entries axactly as specified above, but the transmission just fails.
    can I test the setting from the web image monitor?
    Can I find an error log somewhere?
    Do I need to reset the printer for the changes to take effect?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

  6. Can this be authenticated by any O365 email address in the domain (you state an admin O365 account)? The reason I ask is that I configured (possibly in error) a shared mailbox called ‘scans’, but at the moment I want the scanned email to come from (rather than a specific users email address). Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.

  7. Mark Payne,

    I tried this today and it worked like a charm. I created a new user called scans@, no Office 365 license, turn on Global Admin, and it worked like a charm.

  8. Its now even easier than that! Just do the following:

    The way to configure the Ricoh printers and scanners with Office 365 is to ensure the Ricoh settings are as follows:Username: This should be the the full email address i.e sales@company.comPassword: Ensure this is is the correct password for your office account – you can test this by logging in at office.comServer settings should be:SMTP server name is:

    Port:587SSL must be offAuthentication must be on

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