Error Occurred During Port Configuration – Access is Denied

2015-12-02_15-44-12 XEROX 7830Customer is running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, and just had a Xerox WorkCentre 8530 delivered to their office.

Working with the local Xerox printer tech, we got the driver installed on the server and tested printing.

But he wanted to show me some things under the “Configure Port” option, but when we tried to do so, we got the following error message:

An error occurred during port configuration. Access is denied.

I was stumped, as I knew we were logged on as an administrator. I even tried using Print Management service.

I then found a helpful step-by-step solution to this problem over on the GeeksOnTech website. Their post includes screen shots, but here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Open up Devices & Printers
  2. Highlight the printer you want to change, then click on Print Server Properties from the menu bar
  3. On the next window, click the Ports tab, and then at the bottom of that same window click Change Port Settings
  4. Now select your printer, and then click Configure Port…

Hope this helps!


  1. Hi. Am I missing something here? The problem is I get that error message when selecting ‘Configure Port’ and the solution is to go to properties and select ‘configure port’?

  2. I have the same problem. How is the above fix supposed to work when the error message occurs when you try to configure the port. That’s just going round in circles.

  3. Fix the problem by doing the exact thing that the problem is. This is the most retarded thing I’ve seen.

  4. What may have been missed is this:
    If the printer is shared you need to first go to the Sharing tab on the Printer Properties dialog. Next click Change Sharing properties, after this, hopefully you will be able to go to the Ports tab and Configure Port any way you like.
    Hope that’s helpful.

  5. Correct to fix this issue.
    Control panel , devices and printers, print server properties . Security, select everyone and check all the boxes. Or you can add your specific user and apply it.

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