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CryptoLocker Round 3?

I first blogged about the Cryptolocker ransomware a little over a month ago. Since then workstations and servers worldwide have been attacked and compromised, even with the best levels of software and hardware protection in place. And this “cyber nemesis” is still on the move, per a new advisory from US-CERT. In early October I […]

CryptoLocker Protection Utility for Home Users

Read detail instructions for installing the KW Support’s CryptoLocker Prevention Utility for home computers and for non-domain joined business computers. Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Screenshot #3 Screenshot #4 Screenshot #5 Screenshot #6 Screenshot #7 Screenshot #8 Screenshot #9 Screenshot #10 Screenshot #11 Screenshot #11

CryptoLocker Group Policy Exceptions

In recent posts (here) I’ve addressed the process of creating Group Policy rules for securing your workstations from attacks like the CryptoLocker ransomware. These rules will prevent random executable files located in your local Application Data folder (AppData) from running. The vast majority of programs that you may use should not put .exe files in […]

Testing your CryptoLocker Group Policy

I posted previously on using Group Policy to establish rules to prevent executable files (.exe) stored in the Windows AppData directory from running, as a way to minimize or prevent the Cryptolocker-type ransomware from infecting your computers. Someone asked me: “How do I know if the group policy rules are working?” Good question … easy […]

Beware Cryptolocker Malware Madness

The past few weeks have been filled with reports of workstations and servers being hacked with the Cryptolocker / Ransomware malware. It is being called one of the worst malware attacks ever seen. And these attacks are occurring even when anti-virus and anti-spam filters are in place. Please do not treat this lightly! The […]

Analysis of a Ransomware

Ransonware (often referred to as Cryptolocker) is a malicious virus threat in today’s environment. If the virus gets onto your computer, it will begin locking down files on your computer by writing a hidden secured password to those files. It will then display a message that you have XX number of hours or days to […]

New Ransomware Prevention Kit Coming Soon

Amy Babinchak, President of Third Tier, has announced that they will be releasing an updated version of their Ransomware Prevention Kit next week.  Two years ago (October 2013), Amy and her team led the way in providing a solution to help block the CryptoLocker attacks that were causing havoc worldwide (see blog post). A […]

Ransomware Still Causing Havoc

Nearly two years ago (October 2013) I wrote a blog post titled “Beware Cryptolocker Malware Madness”, a warning about a new strain of ransomware called “Cryptolocker”.  At that time, I immediately implemented new protection software and strengthened security policies on the servers and workstations that I manage. The Detroit Free Press recently ran an updated […]

Bootstrapper error during Office 2013 installation

I was attempting to install Office 2013 Professional Plus on a new workstation that had already been joined to the SBS 2011 domain. It kept crashing just a few minutes into the intallation with the error message: “Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working”. If you search the Microsoft forums, you will see several recommendations, including: […]

Creating the SBS MyBusiness OU

The SBS products (SBS 2003/2008/2011) all included a pre-installed set of Group Policy OU’s called MyBusiness. Organizational Units (OU’s) are used to organize users and computers (workstations and servers) in order to manage and apply specific rules and policies. However, the Essentials products (SBS 2011 Essentials, Windows 2012 Essentials) do not include the MyBusiness OU. […]