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Updating DNS Root Hints on SBS 2011

By default, on an SBS 2008/2011 server, DNS is configured to use Root Hints for Internet resolution. I have previously posted about potential issues with resolving domain names on an SBS server. If you are using Root Hints, it may be necessary to update your root hints from time to time, as my good MVP […]

SBS 2011 No DNS Name Server Records

If you run the SBS 2011 Best Practices Analyzer (BPA), you may see the following warning: No DNS name server records. Source: 74Issue: There are no DNS name server (NS) resource records for the delegated _msdcs forward lookup zone. Well, that’s nice. But you may ask yourself: What does this mean? Why did it happen? […]

SBS 2011 DNS parameter MaxCacheTTL is not set

Running the Best Practices Analyzer for your SBS server is highly recommended. After addressing any critical errors, you may find yourself wanting to understand and clean up some of the warnings that may be identified by running BPA. One such warning is this one: The DNS parameter MaxCachetTL is not setSource: 58Issue: The DNS parameter […]

DNS Changer–The Morning After

On Monday July 9th, 2012 at 12:01am the FBS shutdown identified rogue DNS servers (see July 9 Malware Alert). ISP’s (such as Comcast, Verizon and others) worked to make sure infected computers had an alternative DNS route. Bottom line: no major outages or damages. At the time the servers were shutdown, <a href=”” target=”_blank”><u>DCWG statistics</u></a> […]

DNS Changer Malware Check-Up

I will keep it simple, without a lot of detail. On July 9, 2012 there is the possibility of a widespread Internet blackout due to a malicious piece of software that is lying dormant on many computers. You can read more about it at the FBI website: The good news is that you can […]

How to Configure a Custom Domain Suffix when Installing Windows 2012 R2 Essentials

For as long as I can remember, Microsoft’s Small Business Server (SBS) and Essentials Server would default to using .local for the internal domain suffix during installation. So, if your company name was Contoso, it would create Contoso.local as your internal domain. And for me, using .local worked great all these years. The customer would […]

2012 R2 Essentials Fails to Integrate with O365

I have an existing client with a Windows 2012 R2 Essential server. I was migrating their email from a GoDaddy POP3/IMAP host over to Office 365. This was going to be my first opportunity to try out the O365 Integration Wizard that comes with the 2012 R2 Essentials dashboard. On May 23rd I set up […]

Cloud-based Web Protection from GFI now available

GFI recently rolled out their new Web Protection solution allowing KW Support & Consulting to deliver web security, web filtering and web bandwidth monitoring to its clients. Web Protection is integrated into the GFI RemoteManagement dashboard and is based on GFI’s award-winning GFI WebMonitor product. Features include: Web security – stop client’s end-users from accidentally […]

July 9 Malware Alert

Note: This is a slightly revised and updated version of my blog post from 4/23/2012 There have been many reports that on July 9, 2012 there is the possibility of a widespread Internet blackout due to the FBI shutting down several rogue Internet DNS servers. When that happens, any computer previously infected from these rogue servers […]

SPF Record Wizard

The OpenSpf organization used to provide a tool for creating an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record for mail server/domain. But that tool has been retired. Microsoft offers their own Sender Id/SPF Wizard tool that is very easy to use, as seen in these screenshots: Step 1: Enter your domain Step 2: Obtain current publicly published […]