CryptoLock Prevention Utility

KW Support & Consulting LLC is pleased to provide a CryptoLocker Prevention utility for home and non-domain joined business computers. This utility will automatically set security policies on your computer to minimize/prevent CryptoLocker type attacks on your computer.

The utility installs quickly, and even check for new updates automatically.

  1. Download and install the utility: click here
  2. Select to run  the CryptoPreventSetup.exe program
  3. You may receive a warning “CryptoPreventSetup.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer”. If so, this is a security feature of Internet Explorer’s SmartScreen Filter. You can safely proceed as follows: click Actions, then click More Options, then click Run anyway
  4. At the welcome screen, click Next, then click Install, then click Finish
  5. The program automatically check for any updates
  6. Click OK to apply protection, then click Yes
  7. Wait while security policies are applied. You will then be prompted to restart your computer.
  8. Click Finish to reboot your computer

To confirm installation, click Start -> Programs -> KW Support -> Test CryptoLocker Prevention

Screenshots for the above instructions are available here.