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TechEd 2012 Thoughts

A008 (Large)s a Microsoft MVP for Small Business Servers and a Small/Medium Business (SMB) I.T. consultant, the conferences, seminars and user groups that I routinely attend or speak at are usually geared for the SBS/SMB marketplace. And that’s all great!

So to have an opportunity to attend and work at Microsoft’s TechEd North America conference (7,000+ attendees) this week was a huge thrill and honor for me.

002 (Large)I had a chance to meet, interact and speak with I.T. professionals  representing everything from large financial and commercial companies to colleges and universities.

The convention floor was jammed pack with vendors and presenters. I have done my share of “manning a booth” at conferences but this was amazing.

I understand that it took 3 weeks to set up the hundreds (if not thousands) of workstations that were available for use.

I was asked to facilitate two of the TechEd’s Birds of a Feather sessions. The first was on Advanced Architecture for Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, and the second was on Windows Multipoint Server Deployment.


TechEd 2012 Multipoint Presentation

What a busy week it has been at TechEd here in Orlando. A lot of walking!!!

Today I facilitated a second Birds of a Feather session on “Windows MultiPoint Server Deployment” – MultiPoint Server brings back the concept of thin computing. Have you seen issues with IP addresses, USB devices, or accessing accounts and files? Bring your issues and compliments. How well does MultiPoint fit into the workplace?

The audience was sparse for this topic, but we still had a great opportunity to talk and dialog.


Click on the image above to view the entire video of this session.

TechEd 2012 Sharepoint Presentation

I finally attended my first Microsoft TechEd conference this year. All I can is “Wow”!

I was asked to speak and facilitate a Birds of a Feather session on the topic of “Advanced Architectures for Microsoft SharePoint 2010”. the room was standing-room only (SRO) – over 100 people.


The specifics of this session was listed as: “In this session we discuss advanced SharePoint architectures with specific highlights on service applications, cross-farm services, multi-tenants, and architecting search for performance. We examine pain points from the participants in the group and discuss possible strategies to overcome challenges.”.

To say I was a bit nervous and intimidated is an understatement. But what a great time it was. I really enjoyed talking and speaking with so many people from a wide variety of businesses and technical backgrounds.


Click on the link above to view the video of the entire session.