Windows Update Error 800B0001

At an SBS 2011 site, workstations were recently updated with the latest Windows Update Agent (version 7.6.7600.256). When I attempted to run Windows Update from the workstations, it generated the following error message: Code 800B0001 windows Update encountered an unknown error


This error occurred on Windows 7 SP1 workstations both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. I tried following the posted suggestion to run the System Update Readiness tool as well as suggested “Fixit” solution, but that did not resolve the situation.


Note that the error with windows Update would only occur when trying to connect to the SBS/WSUS server. WU would work if I selected the “check online for updates from Microsoft”.

It turns out that the SBS/WSUS server needs to be updated as well. The solution is to download and install KB 2720211 on the SBS server.


No reboot is required, and no services need to be restarted. After installing the patch, workstations successfully connected to the SBS/WSUS server.


  1. A little vague. The SMS sevrver? No clue what this is or why a stand alone computer would n eed it. I did a search and it lok slike it’s additional software that costs money.
    I also had no luck runnin gthe fit it option for a few different types of the same tool from micorosoft. One said fixed, then when I went to click the check for updates button the error popped immediately.

    Last time this happened I was able to delete the downloaded KB files and have them re-download and install but alas I could not find the information pointing to the proper files to delete.
    The “check online for updates” so far seems to be working but I sure hope I don’t have to manually install updates for this user every time there is one available.

    Sad , brand new computer.

  2. My post references SBS (not SMS). SBS stands for Microsoft’s Windows Small Business Server, which is built on either Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008.

  3. this worked, didn’t even realize there was a problem until we added a win 7 64 workstation to sbs network, then trying to get sbs to update windows update services started giving the above mentioned error.

    thanks again.

  4. Thanks man….Great it worked. I was struggling a lot to solve this issue. After install this fix my windows 2008 WSUS work fine.

    Thanks gain

  5. Been struggling with this all afternoon. Why do Microsoft make it so hard to fix. This fix solved my problems immediately.

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