Rekey GoDaddy SSL Cert

It normally takes very little effort to order and install a GoDaddy SSL certificate on an SBS 2008/2011 server, thanks in part to the Install Certificate wizard that comes with SBS.

I had a situation with an existing UCC SSL cert from GoDaddy that needed a “Subject Alternative Name” (SAN) added. I wasn’t sure how to do it, but GoDaddy’s support desk was quick and responsive. It turns out the solution was easy, if you do it in the right order!

1. Run the SBS wizard to generate a new CSR request. Leave this screen up.

2. Login to the GoDaddy site, and drill down to the SSL cert in question, and select Manage, and then enter the additional SAN names required (in my case, it was

3. Then select the Re-Key option from Godaddy, and once the cert has been re-keyed (a matter of seconds), you can download the Cert zip file – with no waiting for a confirmation email!


4. Copy and unzip the Cert file on the server, and then complete the SBS Wizard.


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