PSCONFIG tips to fix SharePoint issues!

With SharePoint 2007 and 2010, it’s becoming necessary to run the psconfig utility after installing SharePoint security updates, in addition to running it after installing SharePoint service packs.

I just worked on a SBS 2008 server where the companyweb site stopped working, and users were getting the infamous ‘The Web Page is not available’ error. I discovered that a security update (KB 2596911) had recently been installed.

So, from the FWIW Dept:

If companyweb doesn’t start right away, check these two things before panicking:

  • From Services.msc, see if the World Wide Web Publishing is stopped. If so, start it up.
  • From IIS, see if the SBS SharePoint service is stopped. If so, start it it up.



Finally, you may find that running psconfig does not fix things right away. In fact, I had to run the psconfig command twice before Companyweb would run on this particular server. Go figure!

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