Nokia 920 Windows Phone 8

I don’t recall that I ever stood in line to buy anything on it’s release day. That is, not until Friday November 9, 2012, when I was the second person to go through the doors of our local AT&T store at 10am, and the first to purchase the brand new Nokia 920 Windows Phone 8.


Brief background and history … I’ve been an AT&T/Cingular customer for as long as I can remember, maybe 20 years? The first smart phone I owned was the Cingular 8125 with a pull out keyboard that ran Windows Mobile 6.0.

After my 8125 died, I switched over to the iPhone 3, and then the iPhone 4. I really liked the iPhone 3, until it fell and broke. I was one of many who encountered the issue with cell phone reception and dropped calls on the iPhone 4, depending on where you held the phone. To their credit, Apple did send me a free bumper protector that minimized the issue.

But since June when I attended Microsoft’s 2012 Tech Ed conference in Orlando, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Windows Phone 8.

I’ll report on its performance and apps in later blogs.

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