New Crypto-Locker with DropBox attachment

There has been a rush of reports on newer strains of the Crypto-Locker (Ransomware) type of virus. If it gets on your computer, it will begin encrypting your data files and make them unusable. More importantly, your screen will display a message saying that you must pay $1,000 if you want to restore access to your files.

Now comes word that some of these newer strains are being delivered by dropping files from a rogue DropBox account to your computer via a link in an email.

In fact, I just identified the first of these type of emails myself. On further investigation, I found that, indeed it was associated with DropBox. Fortunately, my spam filter blocked the email.

The email appeared to be a harmless email saying that I had received a fax from a company called Here’s the email, as viewed from my spam filter:


The red arrows indicate the two links in the email. If I hover (but don’t click) over either link, this is the URL that it displayed:


Here is a blog from MXLab on the same exact issue.

So, please — be very careful with emails and attachments.

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