QuickBooks Pro 2016 Fails to Open Company File in Multi User Mode

One of my customers has been running QuickBooks Pro 2016 with no issue in multi user mode since we upgraded to it in January. Server is SBS 2011 (Windows 2008 R2).

Yesterday we were putting in a new router and VOIP phone system. We had an issue with Exchange receiving email after the new router was in place. I ran the “Fix My Network” and then rebooted the server. Meanwhile the tech working on the phones found where he had to make a change to the firewall to open port 25.

Long story short, we did some minor things to the server. But an hour later the customer could not open QuickBooks in multi-user mode, although it did work in single user mode.

That pointed to an issue with the Database Manager Service for 2016 (QuickBooksDB26). Sure enough, the service was not running.


And when I attempted to restart it manually, it displayed the “started and then stopped” error message:


I checked to make sure that firewall rules on the server were correct. I even attempted to re-scan using the the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, but it also just told me that the service was not running.


Most solutions to fix this problem centered around uninstalling and reinstalling the QuickBooks Manager service, which I was not keen on doing.

I kept searching, and then found this solution in the Intuit forum that fixed the issue for my customer:


Hope this helps you!

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