CryptoLocker Round 3?

I first blogged about the Cryptolocker ransomware a little over a month ago. Since then workstations and servers worldwide have been attacked and compromised, even with the best levels of software and hardware protection in place. And this “cyber nemesis” is still on the move, per a new advisory from US-CERT.

In early October I began a review of the computer systems that I manage on a daily basis to ensure that all systems were clean. Later in the month, I began implementing new security policies on those systems to block the attack and spread of the ransomware. These policies were based on documentation provided by Third Tier, a group of my fellow MVP’ers.

But, the party is not over.

Most often, the CryptoLocker gets loaded via a fake email from companies, such as PayPal or FedEx. However, I was just alerted from an I.T. friend of a version of the CryptoLocker that showed up as a voice mail attachment!

If I do not manage your systems on a regular basis, and you would like me to review your computer, and implement security policies to minimize the Cryptolocker attackes, please contact me at

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