Windows 10 and SBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace RWW

Customer calls me today. One of his employees has Windows 10 at home, but is unable to remote into the SBS 2008 network at the office to access his office computer.

The error message looks something like this:

VBScript Remote Desktop Connection: The wizard cannot configure Remote Desktop Connection settings.  Make sure that the client version of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.0 or later is installed on this computer.

Thanks to a post on the Microsoft forum, the resolution is fairly easy. It requires access to the server, but does not require rebooting the server.

Note: On the Windows 10 side, you need to make sure you are using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) and not the new Microsoft Edge browser.

From the SBS server:

  • Navigate to this folder “C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\webapp\Remote”
  • Locate and make a backup copy of the file tsweb.aspx
  • Edit tsweb.aspx and comment out the highlighted lined as shown below. (Note: to comment out a line, simply insert a single quote mark)
  • Open up Services (Start –> Run –> services.msc)
  • Locate Terminal Services and click to restart it.
  • It may prompt you that it must also restart an associated service, which you should approve.
  • That’s all that needs to be done on the server

From the home Windows 10 computer:

  • Open up Internet Explorer 11
  • Go to the URL you use to remote into the SBS 2008 server (e.g..,
  • Add the URL to Compatibility Settings (IE > Tools > Compatibility Settings > Add > Close)
  • Add the URL you are using to Trusted Sites (IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites)
  • Then close and restart IE 11

Give it a try!


  1. I have both win7 and win10. When i made the changes above, win10 works but win7 wont.
    Do you know if this solution Is it one or the other and not both (being fixed)?
    Thanks for your help

  2. The problem arises again with IE 11.20.10586 and Windows 10.0.10586, haven’t found any solution.

    Anyone ?

  3. This Actually works, Just saying I wasn`t sure it would…..But it does….somehow I have no Idea how…but it does….wow.

  4. Dave, thanks for TallPaul’s tip. However his solution does not work if you wish to take control of a workstation, unless you forward port 3389 to the desired workstation.

  5. Followed instructions above and all seemed ok but was still not connecting to the machine.
    Discovered that Windows10 had simply turned off RDP on it’s firewall.
    Once enabled all started working correctly.

    Cheers for this.

  6. Yeah, the 1607 Anniversary Update is causing lots of issues. No solution yet. I’ll let you know when there’s a fix. I’ve blocked the 1607 AU update from coming down to my business clients for the time being.

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