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Defrag QuickBooks Company File to Improve Performance

One of my customers is running QuickBooks in a manufacturing environment. Their QB company file had grown to over 900MB in size! Many of their regular reports were taking over 5 minutes to load, and one large transaction report was taking 15-20 minutes to load.

We switched the QB company file to single user mode. We then ran Microsoft’s SysInternal Contig utility on it (using the –a option for analysis only) and found that the company file was heavily fragmented — 6,678 fragments to be exact!


After making a backup of the company file, we then ran the Contig utility and it reduced the number of fragments from 6,678 to 1,555. It took the utility about ten minutes to complete. A second pass of Contig then took it down to 1 fragment!


The result?

According to the customer, the 15-20 minute transaction report ran in 4-5 minutes. and the regular 5 minute reports completed almost instantly.