Bitdefender Forced an Unannounced Update for Windows 10

Recently, I have been testing Bitdefender with several of my clients, as it is now the preferred managed A/V solution from MaxFocus (formerly GFI).

This afternoon (Thursday 30-July-2015) we started receiving reports from customers that their workstations were suddenly rebooting. It turns out that Bitdefender has a new certified version of their software for Windows 10 which they wanted to push out today.

MaxFocus, for their part, did send out an email alert on Wednesday regarding this upcoming update. Shame on me for not seeing the email.

We received notification that Bitdefender has a new certified version for Windows 10 that we wish to roll out to the Bitdefender-powered Managed Antivirus service. This update will download automatically on current Release Candidate (RC) installs of Bitdefender MAV. We’re planning to push this update around 15:00 GMT on Thursday 30 July.

In this instance, the Bitdefender engine update will require a reboot of the end-point device, irrespective of its operating system. While Bitdefender engine updates will not normally require a reboot, this particular one does because of the release of Windows 10, and we want to ensure customers are aware. You can set the desired reboot behaviour within the Bitdefender MAV policy.

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