Disable Chrome Browser XP/Vista Warning Banner

Google has announced that their Chrome browser will not be receiving updates in the future if you are running Chrome on Windows XP or Windows Vista. Read Chrome Ends Support for Windows XP and Vista.

Consider this as just one more way to encourage you to move off outdated and unsupported platforms.

But don’t think that Google is picking on Windows. At the same time, they also announced that Chrome will no longer be updated on Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 platforms.

In all cases, Chrome will continue to work as a browser. It’;s just that it will no longer receive new features, and more importantly, will not receive new security updates.

But … if you are not quite ready to retire your XP or Vista computer, there’s a simple way to disable the annoying banner that displays every time you start Chrome:


To disable the banner from displaying:

  • Right click on the Google icon on your desktop or taskbar
  • Click on Properties
  • Click inside the Target: box
  • Position the cursor to the very end, immediately after the final double quote mark
  • Press the spacebar one time
  • Then type:   –disable-infobars 
  • Then click Apply and OK


And, if you prefer a video of these steps, I found this one on YouTube — kudo’s to DiegoG!


  1. Thank you for the work it took to add this help item here. I hate Google, and hate Chrome too but I also hate breathing polluted air, but what choice is there 😉 Sick of the warnings everywhere these days to upgrade this, upgrade that – keep the money flowing, keep the money going.

  2. Update: This does not work any more. Although the shortcut accepts the additional -–disable-infobars to it’s Target line, Google has decided that it is in our best interest that we not disable the warning. If Google can save just one person from being private…

    Also, it looks that every site has plagiarized the same procedure – that doesn’t work. People should try before making copied claims.

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