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How to Fix Windows 7 Update

Lots of complaints about Windows 7 Update being broken or not working right. What happens is that when you select to run Windows update, it will just sit their spinning for hours on end. Some people have left it running for 24 hours.

So frustrating. I know. BTDT.

So, here are the steps that I follow to fix the Windows 7 Update issue:

  1. Set Windows Update to not update
    Open up Windows Update, click on Change Settings, then click to NOT update
  2. Stop the Windows Update service
    You can do this by running services.msc
    Then locate and right click on the Windows Update service, then click to STOP  the service.
  3. Delete certain files from the Software Distribution folder
    Open up File Explorer and drill down C:/Windows/SoftwareDistribution
    Open up the Download subfolder and delete all files within the folder
    Go back a level, open up the DataStore folder and delete all the files within the folder
  4. Download the July 2016 Windows 7 Update Rollup (KB 3172605)
    Open Internet Explorer and go to 
    Scroll down to Method 3 (Microsoft Update Catalog)
    Click on the link and install the Microsoft Update Catalog utility
    Click to select the appropriate download for Windows 7
    Click to View Basket in the top right
    Verify the selected file then click Download
    Select the location to download the file
  5. Install the July 2016 Windows 7 Update Rollup, then Reboot
    Use File Explorer, locate the download file, then double click to run/install it
    Follow the prompts to install it
  6. Reboot your computer
    Rebooting your computer will make sure that the Windows Service is restarted properly
  7. Rerun Windows Update
    Hopefully it will now work for you

Disable Get Windows 10 popup

Microsoft is preparing for the release of Windows 10 on July 29th, and is pushing out an update (KB3035583) which will allow you to register for the free download. It seems to me, not only is this an easy way for Microsoft to broadcast that Windows 10 is coming, but it can provide them with some statistical data on how many people may want to get Windows 10 when it is released, and what kind of systems they are using.

However, if you are just totally annoyed with the prompt, or you do not want to register for Windows 10, or you’re just not interested … you can uninstall KB3035583. Here’s how:

  • Open up Windows Update (Control Panel > System and Security . windows Update)
  • Click on View Update History
  • Click on Installed Updates
  • In the Search box on the top right, type: kb3035583
  • Click on the KB3035583 entry to select it and uninstall it.
  • You will need to reboot your computer when finished

After your system has rebooted, you will need to block/hide KB3035583 from re-installing.

  • Go back to Windows Update
  • Review the list of pending updates
  • right click on KB3035583 and select to Hide this update